Type in an International METAR report in the text box below then press "Decode".
The report will be decoded to human-readable form.


Decoded report:

Examples: LEZL 150800Z VRB03KT 0700SW 6000E PRFG OVC009 13/13 Q1022 NOSIG

LEBB 160930Z 03008KT 3000 TSGRRA SCT015TCU BKN022CB 09/06 Q0993 NOSIG

EGXX 301220Z 14005KT 0450E R12/1000N DZ BCFG VV/// 08/07 Q1004 NOSIG

LEST 201230Z 21010G25KT 180V250 1200SW 6000NW R17/1300U R35/P1500 +SHRA FEW010CB SCT017 BKN027 12/07 Q1002 RETS WS RWY17 BECMG FM1300 23030G40KT 7000 NSW SKC