Africa – Capetown

Africa – Capetown

The scenario is based on a slice of Africa,the most southern end, Capetown. You will find several options for routes, short, medium and long, we urge the pilots to stay within this area for the pleasure of all. (Press the map-picture for direct link to a clean map with possibility to zoom for navigation)


There will be three radar controllers, you can see the zones on the map, Capetown, Overberg and George will be the radar areas, all traffic going over 8000 feet is handed over to radar control. You will be handed traffic back down when approaching at the same altitude, use the radar-zones as intended.  All airports on the map that is manned in real life is available as a option to the ATC (see priority list), but priority is first of all on the three airports Capetown, Overberg and George, if they have radar, open up the tower, if all three towers and radars are manned, feel free to open up one of the others marked as priority airports:

Priority airports for the scenario, make sure these are manned at all time during the event.

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