Area Control Center (ACC)

The last BUT not least, the Area Control Center (Control/Center)

The Center provides radar coverage over vast distances at set altitudes. Depending on the location, aircraft should contact center between 8000 and 18 000 feet (FL80-FL1280). The center handles mainly IFR flights. This is because VFR traffic doesn’t regularly tend too fly at great altitudes.

The Center will normally provide these following instructions:

1. Give “fly direct waypoints”

2. Altitude changes and descents.

3. Give STAR’s if needed.

4. Instruct pilots to fly into a holding pattern

5. Give speed instructions.

Example of a pilot contacting london control.

1. Pilot: “London Control, Easy276 with you. Type 737, routing direct Daventry (A VOR near Birmingham) climbing through FL90 for FL160

ATC: Easy276 radar identified. Route direct to Trent! (TNT is a VOR) FL160

Pilot: Route Direct Trent FL160, Easy276

Another example:

The pilot is inbound to land at Schipol from a high altitude.

Pilot: London Control, Thompson 44J with you descending through FL210 for FL90 for London City

ATC: Thompson44J,  Radar contact, Expect SPEAR1A arrival for ILS 27.

Pilot: Roger. Expecting SPEAR1A for ILS27, Thompson44J

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