ATC Conversation

Within this page you will find a link to an ATC script created by one of our users. It will explain in detail, the conversations between Pilot and Air Traffic Controller and the actions the controller needs to take. Although the standard of terminology is high here, it is best to learn the in-depth stuff before you pick up bad habits or learn the wrong things. The knowledge within this script will enable you to expand your radio-telephony manners as well as paint a picture for real time communications.

Pilots always contact ATCs when on ground – not the other way around. ATC is allowed to contact pilots without request if that pilot is doing something unexpected like moving without a clearance. Kick if they don’t respond in either voice or chat. Otherwise leave the pilot alone until he contacts you – many don’t know this in amateur sessions.

The script below (ATC Script.rtf) gives you the communication between Pilot and Control at any given instance. If you have any queries regarding this script, it was created by David Bartlam. Feel free to contact him. The  terminology and actions in the script, in particular the radio-telephony are at a Radar Controller standard as shown in the ATC Rank Structure section of this website. Although the actions are designed for Air Traffic Controllers, the scripts and telephony are the same for pilots. There are a few important rules that MUST be remembered:

  • Never say Cleared unless clearing someone for takeoff/Landing. Use the word approved. (You are approved taxi, pushback and start approved) etc
  • When vectoring Aircraft, if heading ends in zero, always add degrees at the end. e.g Left turn 3-5-0 degrees. This is so not confuse headings with flight levels.
  • When QNH is below 1000, you must use “Hectopascals” (HPa). e.g QNH 9-9-9HPa
  • Avoid nonsense talk and pointless transmissions. Keep the radiowaves clear where possible. Just say what you need to say and that is all
  • For more rules and the real guide used by civil aviation pilots, visit Radiotelephony Supplement

Click on the following link for the Script. This is available for you to print and use whenever you like: ATC script.rtf

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