ATC Structure

New Controller


You are new to FSXEurope, you must:

– Have FSOpen’s Flight Strips software installed and be able to function correctly.

– Have sent through an application for the Aviation School on the FSXEurope home page.

– Be willing to learn






Ground/Delivery Controller


– You are new and in training. You must be confident in:

– Reading aerodrome charts

– Determining the QNH/QFE (Get the tower addon from FSOpen)

– Understanding squawk codes

– Determining and explaining the “transition altitude” and the relating effects

– Finding the local terrain safety heights

– Defining the difference between VFR and IFR

– Executing safe taxi instructions

– Deciphering flight plans and give accurate clearance instructions in relation to those plans, example:

– IFR SID (standard)

– IFR NO SID (non-standard)

– IFR in the circuit



Tower Controller


– To gain Tower Controller status, you must:

– Be confident with all listed in the above beginner and ground sections.

– Have passed a delivery and ground assessment by an examiner.

– Determine the active runway

– Be able to determine and locate VRP’s, VOR’s NBS’s and their frequencies if available.

– Deal with circuit traffic on final and departure, taking into account the aircrafts intentions (SID’s, STAR’s, circuits, etc)

– Be able to decipher METAR, SPECI, TREND, TAF and Rafor’s.

– Be able to determine airfield status by the ATIS information

– Be comfortable with transiting aircraft across airspace (especially VFR) noting the correct procedures.

– Be confident in handing traffic over to UNICOM/other controllers in a orderly and correct fashion.

– Be able to give accurate VFR traffic clearance

– Be comfortable when dealing with rotary (Helicopters) and fixed wing aircraft.

– Be able to deal with mayday and pan calls (genuine calls only)



Radar Controller (Senior)


– To gain radar controller status, you must:

– Have passed the ground and tower assessments

– Be able to deal with transiting aircraft within your airspace, VFR and IFR

– To demonstrate a good understanding of a aerodrome procedures and related STAR arrivals, issuing STAR’s when the matters arises in good timing

– Manage multiple traffic either inbound or outbound

– Be able to keep an orderly flow of traffic, incorporating Hold procedures where necessary

– Demonstrate the ability to manage inbound/outbound aircraft altitude in relation to terrain, obstacles and airspace restrictions (encroaching other controllers airspace)

– Communicate well with other controllers and have patience with new pilots

– Demonstrate good leadership skills and assist in mentoring those controllers with lower rank



Area Controller
7– To gain Area Controller status you must:

– Have passed Ground, Tower and Radar assessments

– Have the ability to control multiple traffic inbound and outbound to various locations whilst continuing a free-flowing rate of traffic

– Have the ability to issue and implement mandatory STAR arrivals if traffic is heavy

– Demonstrate good leadership skills to all controllers AND pilots

– Be confident in passing traffic over to radar controllers in good time

– Enforce and follow rules set down on the FSXEurope website

– Be a good role model.

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