Aviation School

ILS? IFR? Vectors? Expedite? Speed Restrictions Waved? Squawk? DME? Bank Limiter?

school9It can be quite a lot of knowledge you will have to acquire just to communicate on the radio, even more for getting that plane down in one piece with realistic settings set to full or handle failures or no visibility, that gives a better feeling doesn’t it? Aviation is not just radio but also a whole lot of other what may seem as latin for some, we help people everyday with learning as we also learn from those with more knowledge dropping by or regulars hanging around. It`s due time we set up our own sim aviation school. Yes, we already do live training if you meet us on the server from time to time when available, therefor, why not take this a step further? Lately things have picked so much up it`s really easier for you to learn by doing this outside the server during peak hours when there is the most people online. You can make an appointment with our novice and advanced instructors that already have free time. We can give a crash-course for newbies and rookies,  if you are a bit rusty or just practice flying as a happy-amateur, this will be a good place to start if you like the practical school10approach. We will also post with time, as it will be quite a lot of work, we have started to come up with a theory and written part with illustrations for all to enjoy and fine tune their aviation skills at their own will. Maybe also confirming something you always have wondered about or we always have disputed about where to use the right definition or term would be a good example.  We hope experienced pilots and ATC’s will use this as a compendium and also share the knowledge they possess so we all can get better in practicing our hobby weather you’re a rookie or an expert.  We are developing this project behind the curtain and will publish it in due time. We can naturally also be helpful with multiplayer etiquette crash-course for those not familiar to the system and how to generally behave on an ATC server. We welcome all that desire to participate in the project and at this point urge more aspiring instructors to sign up for the project.

To all pilots wanting an appointment, please be patient as the instructors are doing this on their spare time and as the project was newly set up please expect no experienced instructors. You must have some basic knowledge, have a headsett\mic, understand how to connect as co-pilot inside fsx, be at least 16 years old and make yourself understood and understand English, with a keen interest to learn aviation. We will only do lessons in stock-planes and certain types. Looking forward to hearing from you! c”,

Aspiring Pilots or Instructors please contact us using this form:


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