Become staff?

People ask all the time, “Can I be an ATC or Administator?”  YES in fact we do need ATC’s and Administrators – they keep the order and balance of the server where the bot cannot, and with human understanding. Your foremost job is to keep unwanted elements out. You must be able to act as an ATC and have a broader understanding on the subject of aviation. We also need administrators for this community who in general do tasks outside the ordinary ATC / server administrator duties. There is no easy or quick way to become an administrator for the community or the website. The first and best way to get into our ranks is to let your voice be heard. Contact a staff administratormember and introduce yourself. Ask if you can help set up an ATC position or if there happens to be none open, you can open a small airport and begin with a little traffic to get your feet wet.  The second is naturally knowing more about how things work (procedures) and also the technical language that goes with it. We will not accept anyone in as an official ATC\Administrator unless you have a certain level of experience and knowledge. You must know the difference between IFR (ILS) and VFR but also know their use within the context of ATC and flying, and the best way to acquire such knowledge is actually to fly – talking to and listening in on the ATC’s. We will not accept you into our ranks unless you can with confidence list as level three – ILS or above. You will naturally have to speak English and therefore the third criteria is to speak at least more or less fluent English. You should read the staff codex to get more information about what we expect of you –  you will find invaluable information there. We will observe how you react under stressful situations and also your handling of the bot as well as having the power to kick or ban other users. We also have another kind of administrator, confusing maybe, but those are the ones keeping this afloat, maintaining website, facebook, public relations, creative work, shaping the community. If you fit this criteria we will offer you the position as Administrator.  We will only offer it to those who have proven themselves worthy of the position and responsibility. Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready, we are willing to TEACH and beyond that all you need to do is to  participate and give to the community by doing ATC or other tasks. Any of the administrators listed will be the ones observing you to check if you are qualified. If one is available contact them once inside the simulator and they would be happy to help with any questions or concerns.  If you are interested and want to apply, ATC’s and administrators alike, before you contact us, make sure you have Flightstrips and know how it works. Check this Youtube video from FSopen if you are not familiar with it and the upgrades available from If you however are already well qualified and experienced with flightstrips, please contact the administration on the server and let an administrator listen to you while doing your job, as we do hire on the fly if you are skilled enough. Make sure you check the server rules before contacting us please! Only capable and qualified ATC’s will be listed as official ATC on the list. Contact us if you need any further information. OBS: No Exception Age limit 16 +

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