Can’t spawn at gate?

Can’t spawn at gate? Your airplane always spawns in the air? You’re being spawned at active runway no matter what you try?

Well, you’re not the first one to have that problem. If you thought it was an issue just for this server concerning some airports your unfortunately wrong, this is a famous bug that bothers anyone on any server you end up on at random times. However we have chosen to post a solution to this explaining how to spawn on gate no matter where in the world you are or what plane you’re flying. Do following: Choose airport and then what gate or parking you want to spawn at. (Solution continues under the picture)

When you have done so, join the session as you normally and prepare to be spawned in the air or whatever is your problem, the solution comes next. Once you have spawned in the air, you will get the famous message about not being able to spawn you where you want. press P for pause, as it is available on this server. Press ALT to bring up the menu, there you will find the option WORLD as one of the first from the left, if clicking this you will open up a tree that has the option GO TO AIRPORT. (Solution continues under the picture)

That will bring up the same menu, at this point you only have to press OK if you do not want to make any changes and this time you will spawn at the place you have chosen no matter what airplane or airport. Happy flying c”,

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