The idea is to fly an old plane with little navigational aids through a terrain that will need you to be alert and constantly aware of where you are in position to the rest of the world, which can be very dangerous. To make the most of this challenge, stay as close to the ground as possible, flying manually, thereby the short hops. You are not allowed to exceed the altitude of 5000 feet at any time and this is meant to be a low altitude flight, follow the route to avoid the obstacles in your way to your final destination. We recommend DC3, Extra300 or something else without navigational automation. You are allowed to use autopilot, but just put in heading using map and visual navigation. You are not allowed to use ILS or any automation for navigation. You can use GPS if available as a virtual map. Can you do it in pitch-dark and fog?

Route – Can be divided up to several sections, you can choose to just do stop and goes on airports.

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