Event Night

eventEvent Night lasts from 18:00-23:00 (GMT+1) (17:00-22:00 GMT\Zulu) we use this night to challenge ourselves going out of the comfort zone and into new challenges so we don’t get stuck in a boring routine flying the same areas we are all familiar with. We make scenarios that are well planned so the pilots still will have the freedom of choice and variety inside the area and airspace the ATC’s set up for the evening. We hope everyone participates in the events and acquires the knowledge about what scenario we will be Switzerlandusing as this will be changing each event night. We appreciate and urge that every pilot to stay inside the controlled zones this for focusing the traffic creating a lively airspace and airports for the pleasure of all. ATC’s however must follow the plan for the scenario, filling positions at priority airports, making it easier to keep track if you come dropping in the session as either a pilot or ATC. Hope to see as many as possible, use the ATC’s for all they are worth and also make sure you appreciate them for their service! They are volunteers.  Happy Flying c”,

Tuesday – Austria – Vienna  – 5.03.2013

Friday – Italy – Rome – 8.03.2013

Saturday – Landing Competition 9.03.2013

Sunday – Georgia – Tbilisi- 10.03.2013

Tuesday –  Sint Maarten-Princess Juliana 12.03.2013

Friday – Lithuania – 15.03.2013

Sunday – Turkey – 17.03.2013

Tuesday – Australia – 19.03.2013

If you have a suggestions or ideas for an Event Night scenario, give us a heads up!

Europe is preferred, but we do exceptions if there is a good suggestion outside Europe.

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