Hop Routes?

If you are not that familiar Europe and its airspace and are looking for challenges or just out of ideas then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Planned by people familiar to the area. Preplanned routes that will challenge you in many ways, most are made as universal concerning type of aircraft and some just for small aircraft, low-altitude visual flight. Some routes are made with Visual Flight Rules (VFR) in wallmind some with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), short hops and long hops and should represent a good variation along with a challenging route. The target goal is yours to set as this is not only for mastering flying and navigation but also for some visual experiences. Please download add-ons for further improving the scenery. You can naturally adapt any of the routes at your will and with ease. You can find everything you need regarding airport, airspace, frequencies and such information under resources as a addition to the Skyvector map the routes are planned in. You should easily see the difference in the routes as far as method of use and therefore we have not marked them for any specific purpose, adapt after need. Choose from the list to select a route from the sidebar. Happy flying to all and have fun discovering Europe and its surroundings weather you fly a prop , jet, or rotocraft.

Tip us about routes here, a short description why and we may check it out and post it if we deem it to be useable.

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