Hops are active?

So you are wondering what the !hop thing is all about? First the definition of hops: flying and landing at several airports in one go, using the same airplane. The idea is to do it without crashing  naturally. Hops are set up within the bot, and we have set up a route through a beautiful part of Europe. The way you do it is to start\spawn at Heathrow EGLLUK Route and write !hop in the chat-box, and it will display your first destination. Fly to that destination and then upon landing write !hop again in the chatbox for the next destination. Continue this process until end.  The route will bring you all the way up to the north end of Scotland, the route is suitable for everything up to 747 if you have skills and are experienced enough to stop on really short runways, prove that you made it in one run following the route and you will be listed on the Wall Of Fame. To prove it, take a screen-shot using ‘V’ when you get the last receipt from the bot in the chatbox, find it under my documents\my pictures\Flight Simulator X Files. We hope you have fun flying the route, navigating and experiencing this route, the challenge will be as hard as you make it for yourself and the whole point is to improve your skills, to get listed also is just icing on the cake. It will take you about 4.30 hours to complete using a plane capable of 160 knots cruising-speed if you are effective. Use this route to measure your own skills in many ways, how experienced are you? Could you do it with a 737?  Are you patient enough to fly it with a Cessna 172? Experienced and patient enough to do it with a DC3? Can you do it using the NDB’s and VORS? In bad weather? No crashes or bloopers? Test yourself!

This is the current route, the real challenges will be in the airports at the end of the route, make sure you are prepared for the challenge, good luck everyone, remember to have fun challenging yourself! c”,

Report using this form when you have completed the challenge with the URL to the screen-shot, or contact us and we`ll arrange an email you can transfer it to.

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