Radio keeps transmitting?

Are you experiencing that the microphone and radio keep transmitting, creating a “hot microphone”?  This is a very common problem that will occur after you have tried to bind up a push-to-talk button, this is because of a misunderstanding when binding it up and hopefully this will explain why. When in the menu for binding up control you choose the control want to bind up, in my case a CyborgX, choose multiplayer in ‘Event Category’, scroll down so until you find  ‘transmit voice start’  (The solution continues under the picture)1

The common mistake to do is to bind up òne when you need to bind up two, also one for releasing the radio-transmit-button, as you may notice there is also a binding called transmit voice (stop), you will need to bind up the same button you used on the first binding to release it again, if not you are forced to push the button for stopping the communication again. Hope it works, good luck! c”,


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