Landing Competition

We thought it would be challenging and a lot of fun to begin holding a landing competition.  We will use the Saturday evenings for this event 17:00-22:00 Zulu, the location of the event will change from night to night.  There will be at least one ATC on duty to provide assistance, but are hoping for a fully functioning airport with all positions filled and lots of traffic.  All are encouraged to join and have a good time and maybe learn something new.  CAN YOU MAKE THE TOP TEN?




All are welcome to join the competition. Any aircraft except for TRIKES, FIGHTER JETS, AND HELICOPTERS, are allowed. NO ILS, or GPS automated landing assistance.


Approach airport and attempt the smoothest, least wobbly, center line landing you can.  All aircraft must touchdown within specified area to even qualify their landing for judging. See Fig. 1.2 (In most cases this will be the runway threshold line, unless stated otherwise) All wheels must be 100% on the runway.  After the practice/gathering period has ended, you will have only ONE shot…so make it a good one!


We want this to be as fun, organized , and simple as possible.  The moment you spawn at the event airport ATC will direct you to fall into position on a taxi way behind holding point at the active to create a single file line.  This will ensure a nice orderly take off sequence and will also make it so there is always a spot at a gate/or parking area to spawn at.  Expect to follow all ATC  instructions as usual.  Once clear for take off you will do a traffic pattern around the air field and ready yourself for a beautiful landing.

Your final score will be based on  2 factors worth a max of 5 points each for a total of a possible perfect 10:

1) Smoothness of final approach and touch down (jumping, bumping, hopping, and bouncing = NO GOOD)  A smooth transition from the air to the ground is very important…think seamless…Your final approach will also be judged, approx 3nm from touchdown.  For a smooth touchdown one must come in on a nice stable “approach slope”. Refer to Fig. 1.3 

A good rule of thumb is the Rule of Three or 3:1 Rule of Descent.  This means that 3 miles of travel should be allowed for every 1,000 feet (300 m) of descent. NOTE: Rate of descent will not always be the same due to factors such as terrain around airfield, obstacles, etc…Be aware!

2) How close you make it to a center line touchdown. See Fig 1.1  (maintaining a stable approach is very important in setting yourself up for a center line attack and possible perfect touchdown )

Below are Figures (1.1), (1.2), and (1.3)


Fig 1.1 Perfect Center Line Touchdown


1.2  Must touchdown beyond the line to qualify (on the line or before it is an automatic disqualification)

slopeFig.1.3 Green line represents a good smooth “approach slope” making for a good landing,

while the red line shows an unsteady, poor approach.



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