madeiraWe will have two active airports for this scenario, but only one where the judges will be. We have chosen the island Madeira for the event, the main airport, the airport with judges will be LPMA and the extra airport for alternative traffic will be LPPS. Everyone is welcome to use the airports but please do understand that when the landing competition starts you must stay well clear of the area to not interrupt the landing and over-complicate things for the controllers. Please click the picture for Skyvector map of the area.

These are small airports so remember you may have problems with starting\spawning at parking\gate, there is a guided solution to it here.  This is a common bug, use the solution with care as you may force yourself to spawn on top on somebody else using the gate or parking. A good alternative for flying in long distance would make the Canaria Islands or Morocco as the best alternatives.

Good luck to everyone participating in the competition.

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