Navtour Challenge

Navtour ENGM ENAL costwise

The challenge is about navigating from VOR to VOR whitout using the GPS. The points earned between each leg is the same as the distance in NM. If you have to cheat and use the GPS the points will be deducted 50% on the respective leg. Here its all based on your own honesty and integrity. If im in tower I want you to report overhead each waypoint (VOR). During initial contact with ATC please announce “requesting clearance for NAV contest to ENAL Ålesund. If you are able to estimate your ETE (estimated time enroute) you will get 200 points extra whitin 5min, 100 extra whitin 10min and 50 extra whitin 15min. The ETE is between rotation on TO and touchdown on landing.  The waypoints must be passed within a radius of max 5nm. The route wil be posted in this thread shortly, so practice your VOR navigation skills (tune inn the freq on the VOR in your NAV1 or NAV2 radio, identify the station by listening to the morse code- it should morse the name of the VOR e.g. DRA would be -..  .-.  .-  Its absolutly a good thing to know morse code, but its also marked in the map n FSX with dots and lines. Thereafter you just follow the VOR arrow. The distance to the station is also shown in NM. Upon compleeting the NAV trip please write here in this thread a record of your trip: Type of aircraft – time used – points earned. Good luck! HØ (Hansi62)

Here is the route:  ENGM DRA 114,80 SKI 113,60 SVA 112,10 LI 109,30ZOL 116,85 KRM 115,15 STD 113,40  FLS 115,55 FLO  112,30 VIG 115,80 ENAL

Distances: ENGM DRA 41NM SKI 37 SVA 84 LI 41 ZOL 56 KRM 31 STD 27 FLS 32 FLO 76 VIG 65 ENAL 2NM


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