Nord-Norge Daytime

Northern-Norway Daytime


The area pictured here is tip of northern part of Norway, the furthest north you can come except for Svalbard, it`s the coldest and most weather-worn, but also a very beautifully place that all sometime in life should visit, we recommend going visual, low altitude and if you are lucky you will get a bone-chilling ILS-ride down in blind with glimpses of mountains passing by in fog and skies. We recommend the add-on scenery to enhance the visual experience, you can find this under the menu Addons.

We will try our best to focus on transitions and open up a string of airports so the pilots have several options before them. The airports in priority is Evenes (ENEV), Tromsø(ENTC), Alta(ENAT), Kirkenes(ENKR), there is allot of small airports to choose from if you zoom in on the map, the route going along the sea is warmly recommended for a nice scenic experience in a small prop.. For the large aircraft pilots there are those four previous mentioned for both short and long hops.

Priority Airports


All Airports


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