Nord-Norge Night


Northern-Norway Nighttime

The area pictured here is the most northern part of Norway, it`s the coldest and most weather-worn but also a very beautifully place that all sometime in life should visit, we recommend going visual and if you are lucky you will get a bone-chilling ILS-ride down in blind with glimpses of mountains passing by in fog and skies. We recommend the add-on scenery to enhance the visual experience, you can find this under the menu Addons.

This is all the BIG airports in the area, we hope to open all or at least four on the row north manned for airspace transitions and alternatives both long and short range, please arrange your-selfs accordingly. Bodø (ENBO) and ALTA (ENAT) should be the first opened and last closed,  Bodø and Alta controls bigger airspace, use your understanding. The large area border around your airport is your airspace as tower, unless you have arrival\departure active. We suggest priority on airports rather then the airport hierarchy.1

If you zoom in on the map you can also find smaller airports for shorter hops at unmanned airports, all alternative airports listed in the area inside Norway, you may also notice the alternatives outside Norway such as Russia, Finland and Sweden. We hope all stay within controlled area at all time so we keep the ATC’s active and the frequencies busy. All the big airports support up to 747’s, the smaller onces usually have runway lengths of 3000 feet or less, most with lights, some with localizer.

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