West-Norway & East-UK

The scenario is to focus the traffic between West-Norway and East-UK with jets flying over-seas and props having destinations at mainland on each sides for Norway&UKshort and medium hops. ENZV, ENHD & ENCN will be the priority airports on Norwegian side. EGCC, EGNM & EGNV will be the priority on UK side. Please open up the airports in that order, starting with the biggest on each side: ENZV and EGCC.  Mann all the airports listed and make sure priority airports are manned through the whole session. Next is filling up the airport hierarchies, rather then to open more airports not listed, this way we keep the pilots with in the designated areas, having radar-controllers outside airport airspace is preferred over ground-controllers in the area so pilots always have radio contact and someone to transfer to within the hierarchy, point being to act as close to our model as possible with given means. More then two operators at a airport is not necessary unless we have loads with ATC’s to go around. We will use only ONE radar for the outside airport airspace on each side of the pond, those two radars will control all land and sea outside airport airspace, transfer to each-other when they are at the EKOFISK Oil-rig, marked on the map here clearly as the approximately the middle of the pond. It is likely we will have enough ATC’s to fill these positions and hopefully more, so it`s a plausible scenario if everyone could help fulfill it and make sure everyone gets information about this site.. Remember to have fun out there and coordinate amongst your-selfs who is opening up where which is usually solved in a natural order, make sure those not aware entering get this information. The most experienced ATC’s will have priority on the biggest airports so the lesser qualified please step aside and find smaller airports to open up instead or work ground at a active one. This has not been a big problem, but we will not have it at all if we can avoid it so we are pointing out to all ATC’s: Do NOT open up a position if you do not know for certain that you will be staying for a while, because traffic will not spread within minutes, it takes time and will require some patience, be there when pilots arrive to, not just when they start their flights on the other side of the pond, You may soon enough get spawner’s or pilots flying in at your airport if patient enough to wait for it! Let`s hope all ATC’s follow those instructions and hopefully the pilot will stay mostly in this area, the let traffic choose to go where it wants to go.. We urge each sides of the ATC’s to point out this information-site regarding the evening.  All administrators make sure there is no unlisted and poorly qualified ATCs on duty at priority airports, we don’t want those representing the server. It is most important to the ATC’s this information, as a pilot you are naturally allowed to fly anywhere you may wish as there is no restrictions to pilots where to fly, however we do urge pilots to stay in the designated area for the pleasure of all ATC’s and pilots alike. Hope everyone has a great Sunday, catch you out there!  Happy New Year! c”,

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