Østafjells Daytime

East-Mountains Daytime.

Hello everyone, for this Sunday we have opted for Østafjells scenario, we have also added in a bit of Sweden and the tip of Denmark. We hope pilots will stay inside this area and ATC’s only will open up inside the designated area to keep the pilots there. The suggestion for this Sunday was daytime, we guess about everyone is tired of the pitch-black and need some change, we will set up the server for daytime, night to Sunday.


The a map show where in the country this is located and what airports are available in and around the airspace we will focus on keeping open, we hope all pilots and atcs work on keeping everything focused within this area to the pleasure of all. We hope to especially focus on Oslo\FARRIS airspace this time which is the large blue airspace covering most of the airports in South-East Norway with one controller overseeing the Oslo\FARRIS airspace controlling aircrafts outside airports radar airspace. The next priority is to open up a wide arrange of airports that will make the pilots changing airspace as according to the map, so we can practice transitions and using the OSLO\FARRIS radar control, but also to give options for short and long range alternatives for the heavy or light pilot, remember that we this time since daylight also hope most will use VFR and IFR as intended. We also hope to open up one airport in Sweden and maybe also the one in Denmark which is large enough to support large traffic for the long-range heavy flights for those who favor that.

For ATC’s information the biggest airports inside the space we have chosen is Norway; ENGM, ENTO, ENRY (Small: ENSN, ENNO, ENFG, ENHA, ENHN) Sweden; ESOK, ESIB, ESGT, ESGP, ESGG (small: ESVM, ESST, ESOH, ESKU, ESKO, ESKV, ESGY, ESFR, ESGL, ESFH, ESGA, ESGH, ESGI, ESGV) Denmark; EKYT, (Small: EKSN, EKLS, EKAT) If you click the map or this text you will be able to zoom in and out for details, alternative airports and allot of other useful information. ||| Priority Norway:  OSLO\FARRIS Control, Gardermoen ENGM, Torp ENTO, Rygge ENRY, Skien ENSN. Priority Sweden: Landvetter ESGG|||. ATC’s, we need six people this time to fill all the priority airports, we expect you to be there a while if you first decide to open up since it will take some time for the traffic to pick up that you are open and also travel there, do not open a airport if you have no intention of staying or know you can’t stay for long, be patient. Hope to see many pilots this Sunday, catch you out there, happy flying to all. c”,




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