Pilot Quick Guide

There are many things you need to learn when new to the fsx-multiplayer scene, if your not very familiar to the aviation concept, this may be challenge for most. If you find yourself struggling to grasp the concept.frontpage you should take a look at this quick guide on how to act on the server and where to begin. The website is built up with much invaluable information that may be hard to find elsewhere like the fixes found in the sidebar that we have gathered up and are still collecting for your convenience, but also the aviation school which will be in more depth to those who wishes to develop and progress in their knowledge and experience about aviation.

Make sure first of you check the server rules so you don’t risk getting booted straight out again once joined.

The first time you visit the server you should really just find a random airport to start at\spawn at, it`s best to start at or close to active airports, but for now just start anywhere, when you in your aircraft please first open your chatbox with either the key ENTER or CTRL + SHIFT + ]

chatboxWhen you are inside the chatbox you can observe what is being written almost constantly, much of it done by the BOT and some by the users, do notice the BOT and what functions it has.

The BOT will spam the chatbox every minute with the active airports and which frequencies they correspond to, once you have located which airports is open, you should either start there or open up a map, skyvector map is really useful for this and find a airport nearby to start at and fly into the area active. Note that there will little chance that you can start on the runway as they are almost as a rule protected, so you must learn how to start at gate\parking. When you have started please before moving around or doing anything really, tune your radio to the frequency to the airport you are at and set UNICOM 122.80 as COM 2, listen to both, if there is no active ATC, tune to the frequency of the airport you are going to and tune UNICOM 122.80 on COM 2, listen to both.

File flight-plan, this you can do three places, in the chatbox, on the website and in pilotassistant. The flight-plan should consist of four codes, the departure airport, the arrival airport, flight status (VFR/IFR) and your flight level, you can also post comments, way-points and such.

Once set up at the right airport, tuned the right frequency and filed flightplan you make contact with the controller and get your clearance for the flight-plan filed, if not at the airport establish contact at a later point but do this at least 30-40nm miles out on small airports and 50-90nm out on large busy airports. You can also check the actual map and your GPS for the correct area to establish contact hence to the area marked around the airports.

Once you are in contact with the ATC proceed with requesting clearance for your flight, read back all instructions and do as instructed.


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