Radio Issues?

To begin with we must point out that if you are experiencing radio-lagging or breaking up, this is most certainly a problem that you will have to check at your end before assuming it is the server. There are two exceptions to this rule. Firstly the packet-blast that a player creates when he leaves without ending a flight first and then exiting flight-simulator. This will create lag at that moment and the seconds after at random times and it`s not always created so don’t expect it to happen every time. The second is if you are connected further away than this system supports. This will depend on many variables and may happen randomly from day to day as it is due to the connection between the server and you that is the problem. Too many bottlenecks and too far distance for the signal to travel through poor and busy networks – those based in Europe should not experience this at all – those outside Europe must expect smaller problems and slight lag on the communications. We can only advise you to improve at your end, make sure your connection is not used by a lot of other traffic like a big\little brother downloading torrents, wife\girlfriend watching youtube\streaming hd, and other causes that will drain your connection and thereby creating lag on the radio for you and the receiver. In short, check your hardware and software as this is down to the  individual and thereby way outside what we can help you with as it is once again at your end with too many variables for us simply to have time, knowledge or experience enough to help you out. Contact customers support for the developer of hardware or software for further help.

If you’re having problems setting up your microphone, please visit this link.

We are working on a NEW theory now asking for your help, it seems the most heavy lagspikes actually are created by those who have stayed in the server for very long and then does a end game with the result of the simulator freezing, please do shut the process immediately if this happens to you while disconnecting from the server as it seems to actually freeze the whole server. If you have experience similar problems and can confirm or have tips regarding this matter please use contact form for reaching us:

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