Pilot Resources

  • SKYVECTORMap-database for aviation, it is one large continuous map of the whole world which you can zoom in and out on for details, FSX last updated 2008 and skyvector is up to date, be aware of this fact.
  • FSCHARTSCross-checking and tool for validation of information or as a supplement to Skyvector for additional information not shown, FSX last updated 2008 and skyvector is up to date, be aware of this fact.
  • KeypampletGives you the full overview of all the standard bindings for FSX functions and, maybe some you have struggled to find.
  • PilotAssitantUseful tool as a pilot flying on a FSOpen server, now also with chat facility for your convenience, recommended.
  • Teamspeak 2 – PilotAssistant can be connected to Teamspeak 2 for optional communications, we don’t offer that service here as of now.
  • Teamspeak 3 – PilotAssistant can be connected to Teamspeak 3 for optional communications, we don’t offer that service here as of now.

ATC Resources

  • PilotAssitant You will need to register with this first before you can login at flightstrips, you must register with real name.
  • Flightstrips Official ATC’s working on our server will use this software, you must register with real name.
  • ATC UPDATES ATC updates for all that do tower duty which will enhance the tools you have at hand, a must have for all working on our server, check the description for further details
  • Callsigns Update Will update all the callsigns for the ATC when using the TAG2 function on the radar scope, check the description for further details

10 thoughts on “Resources

  1. ok i am trying to connect to any and i mean any direct connect server and am having no luck! someone help please! i am tired of flying all alone!

    1. There is not much we can do for you as it is probably due to a problem in your network system as we have confirmed that there is no problem connecting to the server as long as you have everything in order in your local network. Check your firewall, turn it off\uninstall, remove Internet security and such as they are known to be able to block such traffic. If you have problems with firewall either hardware or software you will need to contact the supplier\maker\developer for any solutions and customer service. I will point this out for the next one asking to and to clarify it, this is way outside what we can answer, please direct such questions to to the manufacturer of your router or developer or software, check their FAQ would be a good start. You can ROUTE these signals through your system but that will demand that you know how or acquire the knowledge of how, we cannot help you with this other then what is pointed out in these threads, this is way to individual for each and one person having different hardware and software solutions and we simply do not have either time, knowledge and possibility to help everyone that may have internal problems in their own network, it`s quite common to be overly paranoid, having both firewall and Internet security on the machine your using and also a firewall in the router, this may create more problems then they actually save you from. Good Luck everyone, catch you on the server! c”.

      1. well thank you for the info! I have placed my computer in the DMZ so i know its not firewalled! And i wasnt asking for a how to. I was wanting to know if there are ports that need to be forwarded or something like that? I have had tons of LAN servers and never had this issue.

      2. Great sir, you having connection problems points towards a firewall being the reason for the post, which was really a repost from facebook and the old-website making every user aware that there is no connection problem to the server unless you have internal problems in your network, it should regulate the port standard itself inside the FSX itself but the port-range used is 6112-6122 in-case your firewall is picky you should probably route those through. Good Luck.

  2. im sorry i am not trying to spam your site, or make anyone think that the server is down! i did read all that, and do not have any firewalls on and as i said my computer is placed in the DMZ, so really ports should not matter!? and i know i am having connection issues! not your server. And thank you for the hospitality. Its getting really boring flying alone!

  3. So i am not curious as to if it could be because i am running a hacked version of FSX?!?! But i have the accel pack and everything passed microsoft validation!!! so really i cant say its “my connection” but as far as my computer allowing them ports to open…. not sure if thats it or not! but again my connection lol! naw not that at all!

    1. I have no experience running cracked versions of FSX so i cannot tell, neither dose anyone else in the administration or community after my knowledge, don’t worry we won’t judge, as a matter of fact after what microsoft has done i encourage it, tell me how it works out please. I’m afraid to give you any pointers leading you in the wrong direction here sir, wasting your time because i frankly do not know what is the problem here, some have reported problems with connecting, being a network administrator myself i can tell you there is not gonna be a problem connecting simply because the connection has no type of protection at all and runs “clean” towards the Internet and for that reason there is nothing that could stop you from connection other then your local hardware or software setup. I’m sorry but that is all we can tell, so keep working sir, it`s probably just a minor glitch or some minor not likely detail you forgot that has affect anyways. My best and only suggestion is to connect the comp directly to the Internet, if still no connection i would at least know the problem is on the computer itself, not in the router-firewall or some other external hardware ergo one less part you will need to error-check. Good Luck.

  4. I thank you for the help. And im pretty sure its not the game, because its really not pirated. I own the game but my disc is well toast… i am thinking maybe the no cd crack is having a issue with it. But again i am pretty sure its not my network, like i said my computer is placed in a DMZ, Therefor ports would not matter. There is no port blocking on a DMZ connection. (yea i know putting computer in a DMZ isnt smart but i am trying to get this to work) So again i am falling back on the no cd crack for my game.

  5. yea so i kinda figured out what it is! I am telling you this so if anyone has any issues and comes to you! In order to connect to anything online you have to have SP2! and if it says that someplace…. i didnt see it and am sorry! but you i must have SP2 for it installed! o and now its 100% pirated! LOL i have now liked microsoft for a while because they have been shutting down servers left and right! THE GOOD SERVERS!

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