Pilot Rules

  • This is a A.T.C. server, make sure you use it as intended.
  • Announce your traffic on Unicom 122.80 when there is no active ATC.
  • When flying in uncontrolled airspace (NO ATC), monitor Unicom 122.80
  • Use of ATC services when flying in controlled airspace is mandatory.
  • Do not spawn behind or follow other aircraft unless you have been cleared to do so by ATC.
  • Formation flying, air shows etc. must be approved by ATC.
  • Players must have a microphone and be able to make contact with ATC when online.
  • Players broadcasting on all frequencies (SHIFT CAPS LOCK) will be disconnected.
  • Players spawning on the runway at ATC controlled airports, will be automatically disconnected.
  • Know your callsign – type !callsign in chat window to check this.
  • ATC language is English – we use the NATO phonetic system.
  • Use English when communicating in chatbox and on the frequencies.
  • Do not promote VA’s or other competitive sessions in the chat, radio freq, etc.
  • Try your best to use all the syntaxes and technical terms for the pleasure of all.
  •  Neither all pilots or atc are perfect and may not have years of traning, be alert.
  •  This is not a “pro” session,  behave accordingly, get cocky and we’ll get kicky.
  •  Help people out with friendly hints and tips, no matter age or skill
  •  This is a community for real pilots, sim-pilots and ATC’s, share your knowlegde.
  • We allow social talk, but please use other alternatives for friendly chats c”,
  • Do not idle the server just for listening to the active radio-communication.
  • Players repeatedly making a nuisance of themselves to other players may be permanently banned from the session.


  • Use of the FSOpen Flightstrip software for all controllers is mandatory.
  • Do not open an ATC position unless you are authorized to do so.
  • Controllers should follow and enforce pilot rules.
  • Controllers should open positions close to existing positions (max 300nm+)
  • Controllers should not compete for traffic.

Should you observe any of the staff or users breaking the rules, please report it here:

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