Start At Gate?

So you don’t know how to start\spawn at gate, parking or other airports? This is a easy task and something you will need to learn immediately as most servers demand such of you. Here is a guide how to: when choosing airplane you will see this screen before being able to enter the session further, notice the button who is yellow named ‘change’. (Solution continues under the picture)


When pushing this button you will open up this menu which allows you to enter in a airport or find one on the list, for the purpose of demonstration we have put in the ICAO airport code of Zurich ICAO: LSZH. (Solution continues under the picture)


Once you have chosen the airport you will spawn\start from you will be able to choose what runway, gate, parking ramp or stand you will start from. Choose this after the need of your airplane or your own taste, but do not spawn on runways. (Solution continues under the picture)


Once you have chosen the ramp, gate or parking you will start at, click OK and the rest should be self-explaining as you would the rest is how you are used to, if you still have problems with spawning at gate or you get spawned into the air, this is because of a bug in Microsofts FSX and we advise you to check out the “bug-fix” we have found for it, you can find the guide here: Can’t Spawn At Gate?


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